Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Jacks

Southern Californian four-piece The Jacks have released their new single ‘She’s A Mystery’. Comprised of members Jonny Stanback (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Tom Hunter (Lead Guitar), Scott Stone (Bass) and Josh Roossin (Drums & Percussion), the band have developed their brand of 60’s / 70’s flavoured rock n’ roll. ‘She’s A Mystery’ is a swagger drenched dash of slick swanky smooth rock n’ roll. Doused in sultry guitars, groovy basslines and a shimmy ready rhythm it’s sleek, red hot and instantly likable. The luring strut worthy melody and sharp jabbing guitars teamed with the hazy sun kissed vibes create a biting bold infectious sound that is just sublime. With bluesy hints, musical twists and layers it’s a breezy melodic jab that is sure to grab attention. The zesty guitar lines insert a rush of tantalizing adrenaline into the track while velvety vocals keep a mellow easy-going vibe. It’s effortlessly cool and smooth with an edgy spurt adding a refreshing bit of grit and rough and tumble to their panache soaked sound. It is laid back cool and oh so groovy, definitely worth a listen. Keep an eye out for The Jacks.

Watch the video for ‘She’s A Mystery’ below