Zach Leon ‘Sail Away Heart’ Album

23-year-old pop-indie singer Zach Leon has recently released his full-length album entitled ‘Sail Away Heart’. Leon is an alternative artist originally from Kansas City. He was front man for a rock band called ‘Project Zero’ in his earlier years. Leon released his first solo EP ‘The Great And Terrible’ in  2016 which lead to music videos, local recognition and a growing fan base.

‘Sail Away Heart’ devotes itself to gloriously triumphant anthems like the richly textured ‘California (Girls Don’t Sing)’ with its lush rhythm, snappy catchy melody and superb sing along chorus. ‘The Villain’ follows this pattern with a jazzy vintage piano feature introducing the track before it blasts into a fiery anthem of crashing instrumentation and mighty vocals. Leon uses every weapon in his arsenal to offer up a wide assortment of genres from heavy alternative tunes to the sweet doo wop 50’s- esque romantic elegance of ‘A + K’ and the tipsy swayable ‘Drunk Eggs’ .The first half of the album glides and flows with delicacy and warmth with ‘Sad Tonight’ acting as the acoustic little charmer which displays Leon’s ability to hold your attention with a simple arrangement, beautiful melody and captivating lyrics. The sweet little jingle of ’Sailawayheart pt. 1’ marks the end of that delicate tone as ‘Pretentious Love’ shakes up the album with an alternative rock heaviness. Shouty vocals swear and scream with attitude while guitars crash and drums pound throughout. ‘Fight Me’ smashes through with punk attitude demanding attention with its infectious mosh ready bounce. These particular tracks add a rough and tumble edge to the album making for an invigorating listen. I love the short little interludes in the album ‘Sailawayheart Pt. 2’ and closing track ‘Sailawayheart pt. 3’ are just sweet little dittys you could put on a loop, they are peppy and refreshing.

‘Sailawayheart’ is a refreshing array of beautiful romantic tunes covered in a warm glow and tenderness with some feisty rock and punk whacks thrown in. Leon blends his multi genres well slipping and sliding between genres showing the highs and lows of life and the magical glimpses between. An impressive collection from this young singer songwriter.

Stream ‘Sailawayheart’ below