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Freeda ‘Go Home’

Manchester five piece indie rock band Freeda have released their new single ‘Go Home’ comprised of Sean Rowles, Callum Hignett, Cameron Meekums-Spence, Adam Barton and Adam Jackson Freeda formed in early 2017. The band spent their first year establishing themselves in their hometown, selling out headline shows along the way and progressing to 500+ Capacity venues. In February 2018 Freeda released their debut single ‘Plug It In’, which was recorded by producers Sugar House (Viola Beach, Pale Waves) and featured here on Indie Buddie and was featured on Hype Machine’s ‘Latest Music’ Spotify playlist. 2018 has since seen the band play two headline shows in Manchester, travel to Paris to headline the famous Le Truskel Club, perform at Dot 2 Dot festival and play in front of over 3000 people on the Cotton Clouds Festival main stage.With their biggest hometown show confirmed for the 8th September at Gorilla, Freeda look set to cement their status as one of Manchester’s fastest growing bands.

‘Go Home’ was once again produced by production duo Sugar House and showcases the bands intoxicating snappy indie rock at its best. With a glossy infectious melody doused in foot tapping rich rhythms this track lays out its foundation superbly creating the perfect groove infested backdrop for the glorious guitars and delicious melody to rebound and playfully weave around. Slick sharp guitar riffs tease through the verses with striking stings before surging the chorus with exhilarating euphoria. It’s a biting number as the guitars crash and tightly entangle the ear-worm melody and buoyant rhythm while the velvety vocals brood and coo through this little indie anthem. The chorus is big and sing along ready while the verses cruise and glide along in an intense gripping manner that is fantastic. These guys have created an enthralling number that ignites the soul making you want to dance and go wild.

You can catch Freeda Live at  Gorilla, Manchester – 08.09.2018

Steam  ‘Go Home’ below

Bang Bang Club ‘Melody’

Sheffield rock n’ roll band Bang Bang Club are set to release their new single ‘Melody’ tomorrow September 8th. The band have been playing together since Singer/guitarist Jake Sissons forced the others ( Bassist, Adam Eaton,Drummer, Tom Barker and Guitarist, Sam Leader)  to join his Beatles tribute band at infant school.

‘Melody’ is a jaunty number brimming with infectious indie swagger over a weighty rock n’ roll backdrop. These guys whack out a charming pop sprinkled melody over rooted bass grooves and shredding guitar lacerations giving a garage- esue quality to this light catchy track. The stomping drums provide a relentless stamina and meaty quality while smooth vocals coo over the blistering instrumental backing. Filled with vibrant component parts weaving and blending together to create a sublime striking track these guys have a tight sound that will have you bopping and dancing along in no time. It’s smooth, sun kissed and brimming with subtle  juicy instrumental glimmers around each glorious corner.

You can follow Bang Bang Club on Facebook here


Worth A Listen 

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Sad Boys Club

Sad Boys Club are an indie band  from Crouch End and are headed by frontman Jacob Wheldon. The band have worked with Duncan Mills (Spector, Peace, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg) and have  supported Spector on their UK tour as well as having played a BBC Introducing show. Now signed to Fierce Panda Records (The Maccabees) Sad Boys Club have released their new singleSleepyhead’. This seductive dive into dark crawling indie is brimming with ethereal spine chilling guitar lines weaving their silken web through punchy drums and eerie soundscapes. There is something enthralling about Wheldon’s vocals. They mournfully wrap your ears in a haunting woefulness that is goosebump inducing  and somewhat unnerving yet thrilling to the core. Light keys twinkle as the creeping verses set the ghostly scene before exploding into a more vibrant indie doused chorus. The chorus is unleashed into your ears with crashing guitars and a heavier instrumental backdrop. These guys have a knack for creating meandering, haunting melodies that linger in your head for days. The acute and sensitive keyboard playing keeps the intensity of the track alight while the stinging guitars insert some urgency amid the dreamy haunting soundscapes.Keep an eye out for these guys, their tight creepy and  melodic compelling sound is mesmerising and refreshing to the ears.

Stream Sleepyhead’ below


SISTERAY ‘Sisteray Said’ EP

Following a thrilling 18 months in which they’ve lit up festival stages, sold out delirious venues, released their debut ’15 Minutes’ EP, and delighted tastemakers and fans alike, SISTERAY are now set to release their new EP ‘Sisteray Said’ on 7th September, ahead of a UK tour that includes a headline show at London’s 100 Club.

‘Sisteray Said’ displays this four piece’s gut buckling punk rock in all its glorious, rawness and swaggering dripping finesse. Calum Landau’s drumming maintains a lovable fluctuant foundation for each track – thumping swift elastic fierceness into each song with relentless stamina. The killer intro to Wannabes’ shows just how tight these guys have become. Each stomp strides with surety and determination. Dan Connolly maneuvers and weaves slick crashing guitar lines between the hefty rhythms – from rooted grumbles to utterly supreme wails and whines he soars and dives between them with utter brilliance. It’s a groove infested meaty number brimming with adrenaline and blistering intensity while whacking out a crowd friendly sing along chorus. Sisteray know what works well on the live circuit and these tunes are crafted for maximum live show enjoyment. Rumour Mill’ kicks off with another sublime drum rumble while Mick Hanrahan’s resilient bass groove rebounds like rubber creating a dark rolling undertone in the song. This sublime track explodes into a fuzz filled distorted whirring crescendo before speed-balling into the neck snapping ‘Algorithm Prison’. Niall Rowan’s vocals ooze attitude throughout each number with aggression and dynamic expression. He almost shouts and chants at us filling you with hyperactive energy while blending seamlessly and complementing the instrumental assault perfectly. The brisk pace of the tracks surge huge electronic volts through your veins as the infectious melodies and vigorous backdrops ensure a wholly thrilling listening experience. Title track Sisteray Said’ closes the EP fuming with kinetic energy, as slick guitars lacerate and whine over a frenzy inducing onslaught of punchy drums and nimble bass slaps mangled together to create an exhilarating groovy foundation.

‘Sisteray Said’ is an impressive riotous collection of tracks perfectly layered and crafted for that get up and dance, mosh and jump feeling of euphoria. These guys are witty and have a knack for weaving in little filigrees of guitar or bass to inject some slickness and a hint of elegance into their unruly swagger driven sound. Within a blink the tracks range from pure aggression to pure beauty with such refinement its graceful yet barbaric. There is some serious talent here.

You can catch Sisteray live at

3 Oct – BRIGHTON – Hope and Ruin

05 Oct – BRISTOL – Mothers Ruin

06 Oct – OXFORD – The Cellar

08 Oct – SOUTHAMPTON – The Joiners

10 Oct – LEEDS – The Lending Room

11 Oct – SHEFFIELD – Cafe Totem

12 Oct – LIVERPOOL – Jacaranda

13 Oct – READING – Oxjam

17 Oct – LONDON – 100 Club

18 Oct – ST ALBANS – The Horn

Stream Wannabes’ below



RUN iN RED ‘A Song For You’

Dublin based RUN iN RED have announced the released of their new single ‘A Song For You’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Undercover, Overthrown’ which is set for release September 28th. The band have also announced two special shows in Dublin and Derry for the release of ‘A Song For You’ and the ‘Undercover, Overthrown EP’. Kicking things off with a late show at The Workman’s Club, Dublin on Friday September 21st, the second show is taking place at Sandinos in Derry on Saturday September 29th. With two members from Derry, it will be a homecoming event and also the first show the band have played outside of Dublin.

‘A Song For You’ is a peppy alternative number brimming with folk-pop tones. Jangly guitars glisten above a buoyant backdrop while raspy toned warm vocals coo over an infectious chorus.These guys evoke images of mass arena sing alongs as they bop and spring about with luscious melodies while packing in a rich rhythmic foundation and spirited guitar refrains. You can’t get more uplifting and hearty than this ditty as it strides in full throttle with sun drenched bliss and snappy catchiness.

For more information follow RUN iN RED on Facebook here


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Dead Rebel

Dead Rebel is a three piece band from Liverpool England comprised of members Rob on guitar & vocals, Dan on drums & vocals and Dylan on guitar. The band have released their debut single ‘No Reply’ with renowned producer Al Groves at The Motor Museum Liverpool (who famously produced Bring Me The Horizon).  ‘No Reply’ is a blistering wallop of alternative rock. Brimming with fever inducing frothing at the mouth instrumentation, this track is one heck of a debut. Laced in slick glossy guitar lines, a shredding solo and pulverising drums the mammoth sound this trio create is one to be admired. It’s gritty, razor sharp and mosh pit frenzy ready as crashing guitars slap and flamboyantly strike off the punchy drums while raspy vocals saunter over the catchy vibrant melody. It’s a meaty ear worm that packs one heck of a punch while still holding an air of finesse and grandeur.

Stream ‘No Reply’ below


Manalishi EP

              Photo credit : Annie Feng

Manchester Rock/Grunge/Alternative band Manalishi have released their new EP ‘Why Do They Talk To Me’. Manalishi are a guttural plethora of raw energy and attitude. Consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Dom Strett, bassist Josh Urpi, and drummer Charlie Gough; they concentrate on their music leaving your ears ringing, and a persistent scratchy feeling in the back of your throat.

The self titled EP  is a bloodthirsty collection of grunge soaked alternative rock designed to pummel your brain and get those mosh pits in a frenzy. The band accumulate a refined blend of noisy fuzz and groovy sounds to create a wholly immersing fierce wall of sound. With an onslaught of battering drums and gritty, scuzzy guitars crashing and shattering against one another it’s an intense collection of tracks.Why Do They Talk To Me?’ and ‘Brain In A Jar’ display this perfectly as the squealing guitars and raw, splintering backdrop revolt over raspy vocals and a catchy attitude driven melody. The tracks travel at neck breaking speeds that evoke images of hair flailing headbanging while Manalishi chill the frenzy with a moody melody. ‘Punge lightens the heaviness of the EP with jagged light guitar jangles between punchy drum whacks. There is a Nirvana vibe about the track as the expressive vocals expel and hiss over the fiery backdrop while wallowing in the sweetened sulky melody. These guys showcase their ballsy sound with an edgy refinement and closing trackNot Here…Not There…’ is a fine example of this. Slowly building the track, Manalishi mope and brood over the glum murky verses before bursting into an all out fragmenting heavy chorus. Mighty drum thuds and grumbly destructive guitars make the hair-raising foundation for this explosive track. The doleful verses contrast magnificently with the bruising chorus and make for an exhilarating listen.

This debut EP is a  dynamic mix of sizzling power chords, manic energy and sonic restraint. Manalishi erect sturdy melodic structures and sing-along hard rock over a grunge foundation. They then attack their structure with frenzied screaming and guitar havoc. When Strett revs into high punk gear, shifting his versatile voice from quiet caress to raw-throated fury, the decisive control of the guitars and drums is all that keeps the songs from tipping over that thin line to utter chaos. Pretty impressive.

Stream the EP below

Vernon Jane and Drivelight at SOMA Dublin stage Whelan’s

There’s nothing like some tasty tunes to get a Friday night buzzing and SOMA Indie Clubnight provided us with this in Whelan’s last weekend. Hosting a wild sticky show with two of Dublin’s finest up and coming bands Vernon Jane and Drivelight.

Indie Rock and Rollers Drivelight kicked things off blasting into their set after frontman Fionn Phelan calls the crowd closer to the stage by  playing a form of Mr. Wolf- he tells them to move 10 steps forward counting each step as they do so while drummer Ross Daly stretches his arms warming up for what’s to come. These guys are tight, confident performers and each guitar whine, lick and solo shrills as the groovy rooted foundation keeps the crowd bopping along. Phelan takes every opportunity to engage with the crowd moving as close to them as he can. They explode into each track fluidly ‘Obvious’ and ‘Lakeside Park’ feature fantastic drum rumbles and insane kinetic energy throughout. These guys have fun onstage glancing at one another with smiley faces while belting out infectious mosh ready tunes that have the crowd jumping. The funky flavoured ‘I Really Wanna Go’ translates magnificently well through the live setting. Phelan shows his true, pure Catholic devotion and knowledge as he dedicates  ‘One Horse Town’ to Pope John Paul before he is corrected and told the pope at the moment is Pope Francis. New single ‘Take Two’ was pretty special live as it traveled at a neck snapping speed infused with sublime bass lines and thrilling guitars crashing into a buoyant flexible drum beat- it’s one perfect for the sticky mosh pit and the band whacked it out with such refinement and slickness it left a sense of awe. These guys oozed swagger and brought some funky grooves and attitude driven tunes to Whelan’s which got the crowd all hyped up. Not even a broken guitar string could stop them from giving it their all and having a good time.

Vernon Jane descend onto the stage, all eight of them squeezed on stage, ready to rock. For their “last show for a while” they brought out the big guns. Two charismatic backing singers and a trumpet and saxophone player join the band on stage for a manic set that had the crowd in an insane frenzy. Singer/guitarist Emily Jane is mesmerising on stage- fierce and powerful she shouts and coos between slinky bass lines and shredding guitar solos which weave their way through punchy drums and brass blasts. The backing vocalists dance, swish their hair, coo and harmonise- blending perfectly while Jane exclaims and soulfully bellows over the crashing instrumentation. The crowd are wholly immersed in their boisterous sound moshing, pushing and smashing into each other at dangerous forces.New single ‘Paradise’ was particularly mind blowing as they blend their sweet luscious sounds with jazzy elements and acid soaked psychedelia. Steamy guitar whines and fluctuant bass grooves float over a swayable melody and delicate beginning before the track explodes into skull crushing rock heaviness. Bassist  Ricky Lahert climbs onto a table to the left of the stage to play, balancing on this unstable platform. Everything gets a bit erratic after ‘Paradise’. New, yet to be released track  ‘Push Me’ brings a whole new brand of craziness to Whelan’s. The crowd become more intense as they wiggle and dance mindlessly to the infectious grooves and honey like guitar tones before consuming the frenzy as the track gravitates to a more ear piercing rage. Bruises were plentiful as the crowd become more manic when the set fully develops. The moshing was like a tidal wave as the crowd crashed into the front of the stage some people spilling over onto the stage. There was an odd sense of comradery among the audience, they pushed each other onto the floor and then picked them up just to smash them to the ground again.Vernon Jane’s set is full of epic moments Jane joins the crowd for a bit of skull bashing moshing followed shortly by Lahert and of course the crowd go insane. These guys don’t write tunes to wallow in, they are tangible get up and jump, mosh and groove tunes brimming with attitude and fiery charisma and this makes for one hell of a show.

Both Drivelight and Vernon Jane are energetic, professional bands who put on a high powered dynamic show that leaves you in a dazed state of exhilaration. Two bands you must see live. 


Drivelight ‘Take Two’

Dublin indie rock band Drivelight have released their new single ‘Take Two’. This blistering track displays a new groovy panache soaked side to this four piece. Brimming with slinky guitar lines seeped in good old rock n’ roll swagger this track struts in swanky and sleek while demolishing all in sight with funky grooves keeping that feet shuffling foundation for those magnificent flamboyant yet gritty guitars to rebound and explode off. With a rooted sensual  bass line that coaxes you to the dance floor, an elastic drum backbone, steamy guitars and suave vocals all pumping high intensity adrenaline into your veins this track demands attention and won’t leave your head until you acknowledge it. These guys are coming into their own and ‘Take Two’ is sure to be the springboard for great things. It’s snappy, catchy as hell and filled with enough attitude to have a live crowd going wild. Drivelight have brought some swagger and style while lacing on a healthy dose of slick scorching instrumentation.

You can catch Drivelight live at

24th August: SOMA indie party upstairs Whelan’s.

26th August: Carrickmackross Arts Festival.

15 September Take Two Single launch Upstairs Whelan’s


Stream ‘Take Two’ below

The Asteroid Shop ‘She Moves’

L.A.’s  space rock band The Asteroid Shop have released their new single ‘She Moves’. This stomping swagger steeped number strides with blistering guitar over a quivering and pulsing rhythmic backdrop. It’s a darkly hued track with ghostly vocals upon a gritty piercing wall of sound that is so chilling it could raise the dead. Slinky and strut infused the track creeps with a panache driven confidence. It’s a charming bewitchment that beckons your ears to draw nearer into its luring bedazzlement while piercing razor sharp guitars cut and melt away your mind with the most thrilling lacerations known to man. It’s kick-ass acid dripping psychedelic tinged bliss that shows the oh so slick musicianship of this band. I need to hear this live.

Stream ‘She Moves’ below