Jack Woodward ‘How Can I Fall In Love’

Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘How Can I Fall In Love’. The track was recorded at Woodward’s old university, in the studios of Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University.Last year he played Live at Leeds, Manchester Academy 3, supporting Rae Morris at King Tuts, The Festival of Making for BBC Introducing in Lancashire and won a national competition to perform on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people.

‘How Can I Fall In Love’ is a warm wholesome track that glistens with cosy tones, delicate instrumentation and Woodward’s pure passionate musicianship. With its sway-like tempo elegant piano twinkles and tender guitar twangs cradled beautifully in a catchy heartfelt melody – it’s one for the sweet moments, warm embraces and evening chilling. The piano adds a dash of grandeur and class with a jazzy tone sprinkled upon the country hued guitar flickers while Woodward’s velvety vocals hold everything together in a delicate emotional wrapping of bliss. It’s quite the charming organic ditty.

Watch the video for ‘How Can I Fall In Love’ below

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