Nash ‘CK’

London-based singer songwriter Nash has released his debut EP ‘She Don’t Know’. Recorded at the legendary RAK Studios, ‘She Don’t Know’ has the feel of 60s rock but with a modern twist, Listening to the Beatles and Jack White growing up and being influenced by their melodic sentiment and dirty sound, Nash started working with producer JB Pilon in 2016 to record his debut EP. Nash uses a 60s vibe to speak about love and every dimension of it that he went through. Euphoric and playful, angry and noir-esque, his music is an introduction to the desperate escape of a young professional in rock music.
The leading single ‘CK’ is an infectious groovy track smothered in playful energetic vibes. This nifty track exudes swagger and exuberant flamboyance. Punchy drums pound through the track with relentless bounce and stamina while razor sharp zesty guitar shreds with a blistering strut quality and fire. Its that slick spirited track that seeps effortlessly cool panache and charm. Its high energy and infectious chorus will have you up dancing and shimmying while bellowing out the lyrics in no time. Those swanky guitar strides dazzle with mesmerising charisma and that shredding solo, spectacularly thrilling.
Stream ‘CK ‘ below