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Justin Lacy ‘Sealed’

Justin Lacy has recently released his new single ‘Sealed’ from his upcoming record ‘Control Burn’ out on April 13. Lacy is not your typical singer-songwriter, he is equal parts lyricist, arranger, composer and performer.  His oddball vocal delivery of image-heavy lines, steeped in sweeping orchestral arrangements creates his own little pocket of unique yet captivating indie guitar folk.

‘Sealed’ is a prime example of Lacy’s bright quirky approach to song writing that twists your ears to a blissfully unique blend of sweet melodies and subtle bursts of joy. Featuring a  bouncy and optimistic array of inventive instrumentation. With child-like warm toned flickering on guitar, honeyed lull on backing vocals and luscious ear worm melody, ‘Sealed’ fast warms its way into you mind and heart. The use of the glockenspiel adds a darker bittersweet tone while also creating a rich contrast. The song is almost cinematic and theatrical at times adding a little tension and drama to the fluffy candy coated track. For me Lacy’s nylon-string guitar creates a beautiful delicate sound with a warmth and tone that I cannot stop listening to. Lacy’s quirky vocals adds a dramatic almost striking quality however its perfect for this track and completes the songs blossom into the delightful peculiar track that will put a smile  on your face.

Stream ‘Sealed’ below