We Three Kings ‘Give it to me, GO!’

Manchester three piece We Three Kings have released their new single ‘Give it to me, GO!’. This stomping wild fuzz-filled anthem is a brisk, all powerful assault of the blues tinged rock this trio do so well. Pulverising drums batter and punch through the track with an elastic, relentless rebound that keeps the song travelling at an intense speed. The jagged raging guitar riffs slice and dice throughout adding an edgy thrilling rawness and slick swagger to the track while the rumble on bass shakes your very soul with its rich groove infested depths and nimbility . It’s an adrenaline shot to the veins of hyperactive rock ready to cause anarchy in the mosh pit and have you punching and kicking the air wholly consumed in the utter thrill and mania of this infectious, fierce number.

Stream ‘Give it to me, GO!’’ below

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